The School Establishment Travel Plan is an action program to develop the eco-mobility . It is conducted in an educational setting and in a spirit of cooperation.

He is to meet the educational community (the head teacher, the teaching staff, administrative and technical staff, students) with external stakeholders (elected officials, community services, associations, parents students, transport unions, the education authority, the municipal police …)   around a reflection concerning the conditions of movement of users of the school.

The challenges of mobility can be discussed in class as part of disciplinary teachings. The discussion on mobility for its cross is a way to illustrate by example the implementation of the curricula content in force.

Because the PDES * is also an educational action , method and goals will be different depending on the degree of that school.

* PDES : P lan D displacements of E establishment S colaire Acting

PDES kindergartens and primary schools PDES Secondary Schools PDES Campus


The effective management of the transport plan requires a methodical organization of the project. His itinerary is dotted with stages that must be accomplished by relying ongovernance bodies composed of technical and decision-making bodies .

Consultation and communication throughout the programare guarantees of success , because it is necessary to confront any ideas, issues and constraints to be sure to make the right choice.

In addition, the mobilization and support of users around deployed action is crucial to get a concrete result of changes in mobility practices and use of devices developed by the structure

Three of the approach This preliminary stage allows:

  • raise the stakes in projects and teams validate the decision to launch the travel plan,
  • define the scope of action: one site or several?
  • mobilize a project facilitator internally or externally,
  • obtain assurance of material, human and financial.

Diagnostics and analysis This phase works to obtain data and analysis on four questions:

  • accessibility of the site,
  • Employee mobility practices, users and visitors
  • overall cost of transport related to business,
  • environmental impacts of transport .

Identification and prioritization of objectives
This exercise agreed objectives and distinguish the priority actions to implement. These allow to obtain significant results and motivating for all early in the process.

Elaboration of the action plan at this stage the established action plan proposes courses of action, identifies the means necessary and predefined schedule. The steering committee validates or modifies the proposal.

Learn more about actions, see: the actions of the transport plan

Monitoring and conservation It is the implementation period which requires consideration of indicators for possible adjustments to ensure the achievement of objectives and sustainability of results and the search for continuous improvement.


2011 academic year: increasing the transport budget household biked a probable anti crisis remedies .

The beginning of September is marked for many households by a further increase in travel budget.

This increase in the cost of yet essential mobility for education, occupation, health, recreation, and family and social life comes to expense of other spending items and can generate imbalances or the insecurity for the most sensitive households.

The Club of cities and territories bike rightly considers that the bike is positioned to fully play its role of active movement, responsible and économique.Il provides a preventive solution against “precarious mobility.”
La Petite Reine is an alternative effective to break the systematic dependence on the private car to the commuting, home-school and those of everyday life.

for the bicycle combined with public transport is undeniably the most efficient way to reduce its spending, its impact on the environment and maintain his fitness.


Evaluate your travel budget “Home-Work” and compare with the ADEME calculator


Identify 4 or 5 repetitive activities within your family or for yourself. You will probably find that they impose a movement and an organization within the constraints of your environment and your schedule.

Yep, our vital mobility
but binding!

Work, run errands, take our children to school, meet our relatives, visiting a doctor, go on vacation … The mobility requires us not always chosen solutions, not always easy and often expensive.

But at certain times and by place of life, we sometimes have features not explorés.C’est why people “MOBIDURABLES” reflect and integrate their choice of new economic criteria, social (health, quality of life, solidarity) and environmental decisions in their mobility .


  1. In a couple, where possible for one or both, take public transportation or carpool to get to the workplace on a daily basis can help to satisfy one car instead of two. This allows a substantial annual savings for the huge economy ménage.Cette can therefore afford a small expense taxi if something goes wrong or intermittently during the year. So the bet is playable!
  2. Travel regularly walk or bike can practice regular physical activity and thus maintain its shape, reduce stress, maintain health and to save fuel and paid parking.

How to change practices?

Step 1 Ask yourself the question: how to make this trip?

Step 2 If deconditioning: There acquired reflexes that guide us to the systematic use of the car. It is the fruit of a habit that has developed in recent decades insidiously in our everyday landscape. The car has the face of an obvious solution than opening the tap to get water. This automatic mask the most enjoyable and less costly alternatives that exist.

Step 3 Check: and there is nothing better than testing!

Follow the guide to action: Mobility practice


For Picardy Regional Council of Picardie  : complete information about TER (Transport Express Regional), the Picardie Pass + Mobility, the Taxi TER , the lines bus Regional on this site. Letters Automobiles Picards  : regular lines of bus transport .

In sum

Trans80   : complete information about the 600 municipalities served by 54 lines of bus  in this department are on site General Council of the Somme. RoulezCo  : the e carpool regular or occasional organizes thanks to this site. Baiecyclette : practice site visit The Bay of Somme by bike.


: Delegation Amiens
  Bus Network Amiens
: Amiens Métropole Paratransit Service
: Matching System Carpooling
: Self-service bicycles Amiens
: Travel Service Hyper Centre Amiens

In Oise OISE Mobility All transport offers in Oise available on one site . You will find information on the train , the bus , the carpool , the demand transport , and fares, schedules and plans!  The + This site calculates your route!

Beauvais Beauvélo the bike park is the place where you can borrow, rent, return your bike, get repair services …

In Aisne

CITA  : plan your journey on this department with the intermodal central reservation of the Aisne  with this website or a simple call telephone at 0810 75 00 00.

: Urban Transport Laonnaois
: Mini urban metro


Combine all of these means of transport with the notion of mobility chain

Calculate and compare your budget travel home to work
the ADEME calculator


The list of these services on the Picardie region is not exhaustive .
If you have been forgotten and you want to be on this page, contact us.
Terms. This address book can be used for any commercial ad
The eligibility for registration of the transfer service you offer is dependent on its consistency with the principles of sustainable mobility.


Young elected Ribécourt-Dreslincourt drive their three elementary schools on sustainable development road with determination and method …

To attract the attention of parents on the consequences of congestion schools entered by the flow of cars, young elected Municipal Council Young had set up in June 2012, a day “car-free schools.”

This was just the beginning … Thanks to some communication actions solidly argued, they have resulted in the wake of their step parents, teachers, senior officials and technical services to their community, the press and classmates to conduct their policy of green travel and to secure their schools.

The objectives are simple: reduce the risk of accidents prevailing hours of input and output because of too many cars, set up collective non-motorized travel such as walking and cycling buses, facilitate practice carpool, review the access of schools, strengthen education on road safety and sustainable development.

The working groups were organized. The Steering Committee and workshops guarantee the consultation and decision-making. Practice diagnoses were made on 3 schools, accessibility diagnoses are ongoing. The pupils enjoy school activities, and participate in the diagnostics access that bring together elected officials, parent volunteers, municipal police …

Young councilors develop communication materials, prepare a press conference, a presentation for their parents and an information meeting for their comrades of the three schools.

The community of Ribécourt-Dreslincourt supports this program in partnership with the Picardy Regional Council and ADEME Picardie.

The animation of this process in Picardy entitled “Youth Travel Plan” is animated by our association.


Our cars are they subsidized at the rate of € 1,600 per year? If so the they remain?

The results of a study by the chair of the transport economy of the Dresden University of Germany presented to the European Parliament on December 6 assess the external costs generated annually by each registered car. The fight against noise; the impacts of air pollution on health (medical and administrative costs, suffering) damage to buildings and ecosystems (including agricultural production losses); the costs associated with road infrastructure; road accidents, climate impact … generate substantial financial burden on the community.
The total amount of these external costs is estimated at 373 billion euros per year for Europe. All of that is however currently supported by all citizens, including those who do not own cars. This raises a question about the fairness of the current contribution system in respect of these charges.
The EU has already set up instruments which aim to internalize external costs to users with the taxation of weight heavy. This cost varies depending on kilometers traveled, the number of axles and pollution emission standards.
The total revenue of these measures amounts to 4.5 billion euros in 2011.
The study recommends looking a balanced combination of solutions: decreasing impacts with technological developments, practices change and internalization measures of these costs. To the wise…

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SERVICES PRACTICES STATION  to make life easier for train users City  Clermonts Oiseeffectively pursuing its policy in favor of sustainable mobility.

As part of its actions in favor of mobility, we already knew the Travel Plans Youth City Clermonts Oise to its schools.
To encourage and promote good practices in a new station is offered to users public transport:

“Entrust your machine” is an innovative service of solidarity and ecology laundry, ironing and sewing click for more 


Young elected Ribécourt-Dreslincourt drive their three elementary schools on the road to sustainable development.

To attract the attention of parents on the consequences of congestion schools entered by the flow of cars, young elected Municipal Council Young had set up in June 2012, a day “car-free schools.”

This was just the beginning … Thanks to some communication actions solidly argued, they have resulted in the wake of their step parents, teachers, senior officials and technical services to their community, the press and classmates to conduct their policy of ecological and safe travel to their schools … read more


Federated by a program initiated by the ADEME and the Regional Council of Picardy in 2004, this group of associations led by our association develops educational tools and offers its expertise to support the players of the Oise, the Somme and Aisne eager to establish a process of Ecomobilité with Young as part of school and extracurricular trips.

Find the network information on the blog




School’s surroundings are often the scene of particularly dangerous situations at times of inputs and outputs.
The number of cars that pass by, stop and park on a small area of a few meters approach a range between 200 700 in the space of one quarter of an hour. Suffice to say that stressful situations make it particularly dangerous area school for children that lack common sense.

Plans of Educational Institutions Travel (PDES) offer various solutions for organizing practical facilities, ecological and user-friendly and provide an answer to this ongoing danger.

In this context, the CAP Mobility Association who works on school eco-mobility offers its audience a new awareness tool that meets this major concern shared by elected officials, teaching staff, parents and law order. This is a postcard with the pedagogical function is organized to do two things at once: the front colored classroom by students allows the teacher to get them to identify dangerous situations and behaviors to do not adopt. The card placed on the windshields of cars illegally parked or distributed to parents explaining the issues and the need for reflection on the issue.

This card is reproducible by any person, organization, institution, association that wishes to use it.

To obtain the contact file association by mail:


By car it’s faster!
In town, the average speed of cars only reached 30 km / h . In addition dependent routes of the organization of traffic can be longer. It is not the fastest mode of transport. Public transport that benefit from specific lanes and cycling are often faster than her. In addition, you do not waste time looking for a parking space.

To go to school, children are safer in cars!
Excessive use of the car to drop the children to school generates an increase in road safety around schools and on the routes. Annoying parking on pedestrian areas and the many maneuvers expose students to the dangers of the road.
Transported the children constantly drive for every move do not learn to understand the dangers of the street. Sooner or later this inexperience will make them more vulnerable to accidents.

This is not a favorable environment for cycling! Know that in northern France as in northern Europe, average daily cyclist travels only about 7% of its bike paths in the rain. There are also “Tops” that fit on bikes, real rainproof and windproof coats.

Riding a bike, it’s too dangerous! The statistics are formal, this is the car that generates the most traffic accidents. It is true that the first time you get into cycling in traffic, it is a little apprehensive. There are many accessories for secure bike trips. Many road improvements are taking place. Some associations promote learning the bike and the mark routes with entertainment. Bike Service Amiens Plus (+) bikes, less accidents

When you live in the countryside, cycling is not practical!
If rural distances are longer, however, there are bike paths that make an average journey distance nice. Some trails make it easy to move from one village to another. Sometimes it is possible to play on inter-modality and join the bike station, take the train to the city and then go on his workplace with the bicycle.

A bike you breathe too much pollution!
Studies show that pollution from exhaust gases is 2-8 times more concentrated, according to types (ozone, carbon monoxide, benzene derivatives, nitrogen oxides …) in passenger car than outside.