How you can find lottery online players club?

Players Club now offers players with new online services when your card is in connection to your online toto4d account.

Spend your card whenever you play. If you have a win and you do not claim your prize, we will automatically pay the prize into your online account or send you a ticket. Or if you win the big one, we’ll even call you. There’s lot of great reasons to be a member of the Players Club. Nowadays, it is easier for you to search for Players Club. You can find out them in the Lottery sites. They will provide users with full of information about the Players Club. Now we are going to introduce some great features of such kind of service.

Prize protection for players of toto4d

Every time you spend your Players Club card in-store, we will tell you if you have won a prize. For additional security when claiming, we will also ask you to show your card and ticket together. This is an important security feature which further save your prizes from being claimed by anyone but you. And if you do not remember to claim a prize, we will automatically send you a prize ticket or deposit the prize money into your online lottery toto 4d live account.

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If you have a Players Club card and you lose a registered ticket or your player card, a security ‘stop’ can be placed on your ticket. The system will prevent it from being paid to others, provided it hasn’t already been claimed. To place a ‘Stop’ on a ticket, contact us.

Link your card and online lottery toto4d account

Link your Players Club card to your online account for online connection to view your ticket and prize history (consisting of unclaimed retail prizes), setup online prize transaction, keep your information up to date. Moreover, you should check your tickets and pay your card membership fees.

Exclusive $1,000 monthly promotions for the toto4d players from the Players Club

From April 1 2015, every month 7 lucky Players Club members will achieve $1,000 each in the Players Club Additional Draw. Entry is automatic and this new promotion will replace the current monthly Players Club the second opportunity of drawing.

Just spend your Players Club card as you play any of the seven eligible online games (Powerball, Oz Lottery, Saturday Lottery, Monday and Wednesday Lottery, Lucky Lotteries, The Pools and Lottery Strike) and you’ll automatically reach one entry into a draw for every $1 you spend.*

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Each of the eligible lottery games has its own draw – that’s $1,000 given away every game, every month!* Online purchases are also eligible where players have an active Players Club membership linked to their online lottery account. Check the magnum 4d past result each month here. Everybody dreams of a big lottery win, and if you win you want to know about it. However, even if you have a smaller win, you want to be sure to get all your winnings. Players Club will call you if you have a first Division win, or if you have any win and not remember to claim it, we’ll automatically offer your prize to you.


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